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to avoid extreme postage costs we send our stuff without the jewel cases.

But please note, that we won't accept any damaged CDs or booklets. We send our stuff carefully packed and expect the same from you. Thanks!!!

DIABOLICAL IMPERIUM "The Sacred Lie" (ger) CD - 4 points

ETERNAL "The Berserks' Legion Defiance" (fra) CD - 4 points

FETOCIDE "redefine" (ger) CD - 4 points

KREON "Impact Winter" (ger) CD - 4 points

OCEAN OF ZERO "Where Sickness Prevails"(aus)MCD - 3 points 

OCEAN OF ZERO "Graveyard At The Gates" (aus)CD - 4 points

TORTURE THRONE "Thy Serpent’s Cult" (fra) MCD - 3 points 

TORTURE THRONE "Stench Of Innocence" (fra) MCD - 3 points

TRIMEGISTO "Subterranean Streams" (chile) CD - 4 points

VOLTURYON "Blood Cure" (swe) CD - 4 points

CONVENT "The Truth Revealed" (pol) CD - 4 points